Ready to Kick

In an enjoyable and positive learning environment our coaches provide each player a personalized and fun 60 minute session focusing on the correct techniques for optimal skill development


​We understand that players learn at different rates and not everyone learns the same way,...we structure our programs accordingly...ALWAYS working to our CORE philosophies of teaching with respect for sportsmanship and enjoymemt.

STN KICKStart Training for 5-6 years.   

Select your month and attend two ONE HOUR sessions each week. 4-5pm      $100 per month

CO-ED Monday and Wednesday.



Our KiskStart program offers a unique way for young children to get involved in the game of soccer.  In each session, the main objective is to teach while having fun. The overall theme is for children to relate having fun with playing soccer and to develop the necessary skills to be a competitive player in the future.  Balance, coordination, motor learning skills. Forwards ,backwards, stop, go, control and comfort…it’s the best way to get started with appropriate soccer learning skills from experienced coaches that know how to deliver the best introductory skills progressions!




STN Academy Training for 7-9 years.   

Select your month and attend two ONE HOUR sessions each week. 5-6pm. $100 per month.

Girls. Monday and Wednesday

Boys Tuesday and Thursday 

For players that have likely played soccer in their own communities for a while -  the STN Academy is a fantastic way for your player to be introduced to STN's “fun & developmental approach” to the game of soccer.  Our professional, dedicated, and experienced  coaching staff will offer sessions full of fun technical challenges and game play.  All of this contributes to allowing players to develop their love for the game while developing important skills. This program will focus on individual skills which are crucial to all players' confidence with the ball.  Skill development is then worked into scrimmage play allowing players a chance to recognize how their confidence with the ball relates to game play situations and success.


Kids Playing Soccer